Tandus Centiva Extrusion die and yarn


The following questions represent those that are most frequently asked of us. We hope that your basic questions are answered here. If you do not find the answer you are looking for or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us at 706.629.6330 or email us at info@cafextrusion.com. To learn more about the industry terms used to describe yarn characteristics and processes, click here.

1. Who is Tandus Centiva Extrusion?

Tandus Centiva Extrusion is the extruded fiber division of Tandus, a leading manufacturer of floor coverings for the commercial market. Tandus Centiva Extrusion is in fiber sales and is not directly involved in carpet manufacturing.

2. What types of yarns does Tandus Centiva Extrusion offer?

  • BCF carpet yarns in type 6 nylons, polypropylene, and polyester
  • Marine and High UV outdoor polypropylene
  • BCF yarns in all above listed materials
  • Weather pile

3. Will Tandus Centiva Extrusion match colors and specific types of yarns?

Tandus Centiva Extrusion is a run to order operation with inhouse custom color matching for solution dyed yarns. We also have a large selection of spinnerettes for various cross sections, three different types of extrusion equipment (which allows a large denier range) and various levels of crimp.

4. What is the minimum lot size that you will produce?

Standard cost is based on 20K lbs, smaller quantities can be produced, but a surcharge will be added.

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