Tandus Centiva Extrusion die and yarn

Fiber Terminology

Air Entanglement
The process by which several yarns are interlaced together using air jets.
Air Tacks
A process that is applied to hold the filaments of the yarn together.
Anti Oxidants
Additive used to keep the polymers from breaking down when reacting with oxygen.
Anti Stat
Additives that are used to reduce the build up of static electricity in the yarn.
The modification of a continuous filament yarn by air jets - which textures the yarn with small loops adding cover, insulation, resistance and other factors to the product.
Color Compounding
The "in house" manufacture of custom colors for extrusion.
Color Concentrate
The pigments that are used in the manufacture of custom colors.
Cooling Drum
The process of rapidly cooling a yarn after texturizing in order to hold its characteristics.
The waviness of a fiber.
A weight per unit length measure. Denier is the weight of a yarn in grams per 9,000 meters.
Denier per Filament, The denier of an individual continuous filament.
The process of stretching the yarn to orient the molecules from a random to a directional arrangement, adding strength and elasticity.
The ability of a yarn to recover to its original shape and size.
The deformation that occurs when a load is applied to a yarn.
A single fiber of continuous, extended length.
Filament Count
The number of continuous filaments in a product. 2750/120 = 2750 Denier, 120 Filament
The brightness or shininess of a yarn. Delustering uses Titanium Dioxide to dull the finish.
Modification Ratio
The cross sectional shape of an individual filament.
A man made substance that has excellent strength, flexibility, resistance, wash ability and elasticity.
Olefin or Polypropylene
A manufactured polymer of great toughness that provides a greater coverage per pound than any other fiber. Highly resistant to chemical attack.
An insoluble substance used to deluster or color fibers.
A high molecular weight, chain-like structure from which man made fibers are manufactured
A chemical reaction in which small molecules combine to form larger molecules
Post Consumer Waste
A consumer product that has completed its useful cycle and has been disposed of by the consumer such as soda bottles and carpet.
Post Industrial Waste
Waste from industrial operations such as trimmings or defectively manufactured products.
A product made by polymerization having the properties of natural resins.
Sheath Core Products
Yarn that has a recycled content core encapsulated by a virgin polymer.
Spin Finish
An oil or emulsion finish applied to the yarn that helps prevent damage during further processing.
A metal disc containing small holes through which filament yarn is extruded. CEX uses mainly a tri lobal or "Y" shaped pattern.
A measurement of the tensile strength, its ability to withhold stress.
The process of adding bulk to a filament yarn
UV stabilizers
Additives that help to reduce the degradation and fading of the yarn due to the effects of UV rays.

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