Tandus Centiva Extrusion die and yarn

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Our Process

  • From Silos, Nylon or Polypropylene Resin is Pumped to Day Bins.

    day bins

  • Resin is pumped to the dosing units where color concentrate (and other additives) are added.

    dosing units

  • From dosing units, mixed resin and color are pushed through the extruder, where heat and pressure are applied.


  • Polymer is extruded through metal discs, called spinnerets, containing numerous holes to form fiber filaments and solidified in a quench cabinet.


  • Drawing, applying spin finish and stabilizing with heat, helps the fiber perform in downstream processing and construction.

    downstream processing

  • Texturizing and cooling assist in giving the fiber a memory of characteristics.

    texturizing and cooling/p>

  • Winding & Packaging

    winding and packaging

  • Warehousing



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