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Tandus Centiva Extrusion offers specialized services for customers seeking a customized product. Our custom color matching, twisted heatset yarn, and contract extrusion services ensure that you have access to the right product for the right application.

Custom Color Matching

We understand that color is critical to a floorcovering's aesthetic appeal, which is why we feature over 400 standard color choices. If you're unable to find an exact color match among our standard offerings, we can quickly provide you with a custom color match. Additionally, our colors are steadfast and stain-resistant, regardless of the particular fiber product. Bear in mind, we have a specific process for generating a commercial match, so be sure to call us to discuss your product color needs.

Twisted Heatset Yarn

The process of twisting (this refers to the twisting of multiple strands of BCF yarn) contributes strongly to carpet performance. The higher the rate of twist, the higher the likelihood the carpet will retain its texture and resiliency. Heat settings aid yarn twist stability, subjecting the yarn to high temperature steam and pressure. If you're unsure of the twist rate needed for your carpeting, we can advise you on the number of twists per inch based on the product application.

Contract Extrusion

If you have the materials you need to complete your job, but lack the necessary equipment or time to meet your deadline, we can help. Our contract extrusion services will assist you in seeing your project through to completion. Call us at 706.629.6330, or email us at info@cafextrusion.com.

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